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Smart data management

Share everything that is relevant for your company, customers and other stakeholders!

Relefant is a two way content management solution for distributing information that can be consumed on mobile, web & TV devices.

Relefant is a consistent, easy to manage data management solution, suitable as a narrow casting tool within a retail environment or as an interactive platform for e-learning purposes (For example think of in-class or in-company quizes).

Smart data sharing

The Relefant CMS is the ultimate way for data sharing. it comes with smart features, allowing the consumers of the data to act upon it. They can participate by submiting votes (polls), answers (quizes), feedback (from stakeholders in a business environment) or shouts (short messages).

We are currently in beta. We would love to hear from you! Do you want to learn more and get involved? Leave your email address and get invited!

Yes, let me in!

  • Support for multiple teams and projects
  • Organize your documents and collections
  • Create as many collections & documents as you want
  • Attach external documents (such as Office documents)
  • Support for various media types, such as video
  • Smart document tagging features
  • Comment and external feedback listing
  • Offers rich text editing options
  • Advanced document search options
  • Suitable for mobile, web & TV
  • A flexible solution perfectly fitting your business demands
  • Fully GDPR/AVG compliant

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